Baby Bloggy Boot Camp & Some Sweet Swag!

This post is written by me on behalf of Liz Lange and Ergobaby.  Product was provided.


A few weeks ago, I had the chance to attend (for free!) a mini-blogging conference called Baby Bloggy Boot Camp, put on by the SITS Girls as part of the Women Get Social Bloggy Boot Camp weekend. It was right around my due date, so I was not sure I was going to make it there at all, but I am thankful that I was able to! Since my baby girl arrived a few weeks ahead of schedule, she got to attend right along with me at just two weeks old!


Aww… my conference buddy…. ^^^

I feel very blessed that I got to attend such a fantastic event, even if it meant trudging through the year’s biggest rain storm. (Yes, I know it’s just a little water, but it is San Diego and we just don’t know what to do with rain.) I was so excited to walk into the room and see many like minded bloggers and squishy little babies in one space! The energy level of the room was high, despite most of us being sleep-deprived new parents.

Even though it was a short morning of speakers, the messages were impactful. The topics stuck out as being very relevant to me personally, but I know each blogger, no matter how experienced, was able to learn something new. As I figure out the future of where I want to take my new blog-in-the-making, I appreciated the guidance and heartfelt advice given by successful and experienced bloggers.

My favorite part was getting to hear Amy Storch share her blogging story and when asked if she would do it all over again, she said that she absolutely would. It was encouraging to see that after all of her ups and downs, her blog has been a major source of support over the years. I was inspired to stay true to my voice and who I am as a person and to let my natural talents and interests remain my clear focus as I begin my new blog venture. 

Now… that brings us to the swag….

In addition to getting tips on how to create great content and how to best work with brands, we had the opportunity to connect firsthand with a few amazing brands that are staples in the homes of new parents and parents-to-be: Ergobaby and Liz Lange! I felt so lucky to get a sneak peek at the newest product from Ergobaby- their Four Position 360 baby carrier hitting stores in April. This is one of the first carriers to offer an ergonomic front facing position option!

What was even better is that I got to bring a bunch of these new mom & baby products home to try out for myself. That’s right, this new Ergobaby carrier is not even in stores yet, and I got to take one home! Seriously cool.

Since I have a brand new little squish to help me test these products, I went home from the conference and immediately started putting them to good use. I have to say these are some of my absolute favorite baby gear items that I own now.


These Ergobaby swaddlers offer an ergonomic swaddle design and they have these sweet little arm pouches so that even little baby houdinis cannot bust out of these swaddles. My sweet girl loves being swaddled tight but I appreciate that this design keeps the pressure off of her hips. When baby is  happy, the whole family is happy.

My daughter loves the Ergobaby stretchy wrap as much as I do! We have used this carrier on so many walks and errands and it has really made life easier for me. With the warmer weather, this stretchy material breathes well and keeps her snug against me. Since I have 3 year old Elodie to chase around, I rely on this carrier to keep my hands free so I can get things done!


I have also used the 360 carrier for some of our walks (with the Ergobaby infant insert) and even though I have done lots of baby wearing and even own an Ergo, I thought this was one of the most comfortable carriers I have used. It has a nicely structured deep seat which is going to come in very handy as my daughter grows. Although I am only using one of the positions now, once she gets a little bigger we can do hip, back and even front facing carries as well.


And even though I am not pregnant anymore, this Liz Lange maternity dress is flattering to my post baby figure and is lightweight and comfy. I wore a lot of Liz Lange maternity clothes through my pregnancy because they are cute and affordable. I saw some of the other dress designs that the other bloggers got and they are all modern, stylish and flattering for many body types. 


I walked away from the conference feeling reenergized, and encouraged to find direction for the future of my blog journey and now I am ready to make some positive changes in how I blog. I wish I could go back in time to when I was just starting my blog and share these tips with past self. The conference was a great experience (that I got to enjoy with the company of my squishy newborn). I can’t wait for the next Bloggy Boot Camp conference so I can keep learning, connecting and trying new things.

This post is written by me on behalf of Liz Lange and Ergobaby.  Product was provided.

Our Baby Girl Has Arrived!

Our newest precious daughter made her grand entrance to the world in February, a few weeks ahead of schedule. 


Our hearts are just bursting with love these days! Elodie is so in love with her new sister. We are enjoying watching Elodie bond with her sister- she loves to help us take care of her, sings to her when she cries and is definitely just swooning over having a new baby to cuddle and love.

We are really enjoying our time with our newest little one. 

I will still be updating here on the blog but I will also be transitioning over to a new blog and a new domain in the coming months. It will likely be a slow transition, but I definitely feel like I am growing into a new blog space since I am not just Mommy to Elodie, but now I am a mommy to two sweet girls.

Things are great and I look forward to sharing bits of our life as I have time and energy to do so!

Newman’s Own Organics: Tasty Treats the Whole Family Will Love

Though there are only 3 in our family, with my husband and my toddler, a lot of snacking goes on around here. We all seem to have our own personal favorites. I love chips, cookies and chocolates. My husband prefers crackers, pretzels, and licorice. Elodie’s favorites are raisins, cookies and popcorn.

We were so excited by the amazing assortment of Newman’s Own Organics that we received to munch on. There was really something for everyone with a wide range of unique flavors and a variety of types of foods.

The quality is top-notch, and there are not too many companies out there that make organic snacks a priority. I am in love with Newman’s Own Organics!


I am really glad to see a company put forward great tasting snacks while still being conscious of the ingredients and keeping the harmful chemicals out of them. They have a wide mix of healthy and more indulgent treats. Their chocolates are rich and absolutely delicious. I couldn’t wait to rip open each new flavor!


Dane was very happy with his loot of pretzels and licorice! I even snuck some of the sour licorice flavors like strawberry and apple, I don’t normally like licorice.


I tried to hide away these tasty treats in a secret stash so that I didn’t have to share all the yummy chocolate goodness. Organic chocolate and cream filled cookies, a variety of top quality chocolate and tasty chocolate cups made a perfect Mommy-needs-some-me-time snack stash.


Elodie got the healthiest bounty of the bunch- the sweet raisins, cinnamon alphabet cookies and light and crunch Pop’s Corn.


She happily dug in to sample all the yummy treats!

I loved having so much to sample, but with such a big variety to enjoy, we had plenty to share with friends. Many of these treats were big hits at our playdates and parties.

I even used the pretzels to make these adorable favors for my sister’s baby shower!


Everyone got to enjoy the organic delights at the party and got to take home a cute little treat for the way home, too.


Newman’s Own Organics offers a wide variety of snacks that are sure to please all the different snackers in your family. If you haven’t given them a try, they might just surprise you!

Disclaimer: I received samples for review purposes. All opinions are my own. 

Disney Princess Costume Review

When I gave birth for the first time 3 years ago, I had no idea how many costumes we would end up buying! With a small child, costumes are not just for Halloween, but also for special occasions, dress-up and just because. Elodie loves dressing up and playing in her fun outfits, but she especially loves dressing as the Disney princesses. We have quite the stock of princess gowns, perfect for attending Disney on Ice, Disneyland, Disney movies, and of course, tea parties at home. :)

One of the newest princesses, Merida, is such a cool character and has such a fun dress that I couldn’t wait to see my girl in it!

Even without a big red wig or a bow and arrow, this outfit is so adorable! I really love the way this looks on! It looks so pretty and high quality and will fit her for a while. 

Elodie loved this outfit, too! She was so excited to get to dress up and wear her fun costume around.

I love shopping with Costume Discounters because they have a great selection, make returns easy, have great prices and ship quickly! Shopping online for costumes makes it easy to surprise Elodie with a new costume without having her beg for every single one in the store. Makes it so much more convenient for me, and it puts a big smile on her face.

Disclaimer: I received a costume for review purposes. All opinions are my own.